High Profile Fold roller head pipe stand H406
High Profile Fold roller head pipe stand H406
High Profile Fold roller head pipe stand H406
High Profile Fold roller head pipe stand H406

Item specifics

Height adjustment
Max pipe capacity
43 inch
Max workingcapacity
1134 KGS



Fold roller head pipe stand Features    
The Pipe jack stand is a versatile and reliable tool used in various industries for supporting and stabilizing pipes during welding, cutting, or assembly.

1. Adjustable height: The stand can be easily adjusted to different heights to accommodate various pipe sizes and working conditions.
2. Heavy-duty construction: Made of durable materials, the jack stand is able to support heavy pipes and withstand rigorous use in industrial environments.
3. Stable base: The wide base provides stability and prevents tipping, ensuring the safety of workers and the integrity of the pipes being worked on.
Pipe jack stand Parameter  
Model No.
Max pipe capacity:
43 inch
Max weight loading capacity:
1134 KG
Height Adjustment:
74-109 CM
27.5 KG
Ordering Information    
Catalog No.
Net Weight
H406 Fold roller head pipe stand
Application of head pipe stand
Pipe Welding
The stand provides a stable and secure support for pipes during welding, allowing for precise and accurate welds.
Pipe Cutting
By holding the pipe in place, the jack stand helps ensure straight and clean cuts, improving the efficiency and quality of pipe cutting operations.
Pipe Assembly
The stand can be used to support pipes during assembly, making it easier to align and connect pipes together.
Pipe Maintenance
The jack stand can also be used for maintenance and repair work on pipes, providing a safe and reliable support for workers to perform tasks such as inspection, cleaning, or painting.
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